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 Subject: Startup weekend... 13/04/10, 19:56 
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This event was amazing. I have seldomly experienced events that were so full of energy, inspiring and creativity.

Startup weekend has a very interesting approach:
any attendee can pitch an idea and see if it can interest others to participate in making it happen.
After the pitches, the attendees get three votes that they can distribute among the pitches.
Around each of the 10-12 ideas with the most votes a team will gather (via networking and via requesting certain skills).
The teams will then work over the weekend until Sunday 7pm, when a jury will decide on a winner.
Mentors with different backgrounds will be around to help them to answer questions or to give them some inspiration on aspects to consider.

Here’s the results from the event April 9-11:
We had 110 participants from all over Denmark and also from Germany and Sweden.
Of the 110 participants we had 40 (!) pitches, of which 14 ideas have been voted to be the best ones.
12 teams were then built which had between 2 and 15 team members.
We had 7 mentors with backgrounds in coaching, presentation, IT, media, entrepreneurship etc.
We had 7 jury members with backgrounds in entrepreneurship, legal, venture capital etc. And we had winners in the categories best design, best presentation and best project (which won 10.000 DKK).
It was amazing how far the teams got. On Sunday after 19:00 we had stunning presentations, up and running websites and already the first customers. I am sure there are several startups going to result from this event.
See http://copenhagen.startupweekend.org/ for more information on the teams, the pitches, jury members, mentors, sponsors. etc. etc. See also what the Copenhagen Voice says about the event: http://cphvoice.ning.com/profiles/blogs/copenhagen-startup-event.

This event was amazing on quality, professionalism, energy and innovative spirit. The jurors have underlined the quality of the event and of the outcome in their feedback.
I am 100% sure that Denmark will benefit a lot of such events and based on the great feedback and good results we have planned .
the next Startup weekend for fall 2010

Living and working in Demark
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