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 Subject: Megatrends... 27/01/10, 21:22 
Joined: 07/03/09, 18:16
Posts: 81
Great information on Megatrends. Quite some eye-openers for me.
We had 22 attendees (7 Danes + 15 internationals).
Please share your views on this event as reply to this message.
Next meeting in this series: Anarconomy. See www.worktrotter.dk/events.

See summary of the event.
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 Subject: Re:Megatrends... 27/01/10, 11:08 
Joined: 12/10/09, 19:21
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It was a good event, the discussions after the power point presentation was especially good. More events like this linking global issues to the local conditions would be interesting since as expats we all have different experiences and perspectives.

 Subject: Re:Megatrends... 27/01/10, 15:20 
Joined: 26/01/10, 11:23
Posts: 2
It was a good a event at least it made me think. I am a bit worried about the words that came up under megatrends. I guess/hope it is measured by asking people globally, but the words are very viewed from a perspective from i guess the higher and middle class people? Poverty is a side effect from wealth and it is there even today. Humanity the opposite of individualisation or cooperation. I think to connect megatrends with one words is not capturing the packets. It's more fluently. I think; i am more curious about how a trend starts. What is it origin? How does it evolve?

People have a need, a need to be loved for others to be appreciated, if the primairy basics are there. I think it is hard to give it one word. The story of the sheep if one sheep goes the rest will follow. It should be interesting to hear the story behind the word, what is it's origin.

Maybe it had something to do that i went in the future department. And those words are giving me not the expectation of a megatrend. I hoped to get some solutions about where lies it's source.

But anyway it was great to be amongst other people and i learned that there is a list of megatrends. And i can imagine to go deeper takes more time...maybe for the future >;) . Thank you very much it was very good to hear and to learn.
 Subject: Re:Megatrends... 27/01/10, 19:23 
Joined: 07/03/09, 18:16
Posts: 81
Very good point. How is a megatrend born? This is the topic of one of the upcoming events. Looking forward to it,
 Subject: Re:Megatrends... 30/01/10, 12:44 
Joined: 08/03/09, 15:25
Posts: 4
A very thought-provoking session. Many of us questioned what was, or was not, on the list of megatrends. But that was the beginning of a worthwhile debate that I look forward to continuing. I particularly enjoyed my conversation with other attendees after the presentation.
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 Subject: Re:Megatrends... 30/01/10, 19:02 
Joined: 29/06/09, 12:27
Posts: 1
It was a great introduction to a very interesting field of research. Beyond Anders' thoughtful and fun presentation, I also thoroughly enjoyed the open, informal conversations that developed during the networking session afterwards. I left the meeting curious and inspired. I will definitely be back for upcoming CIFS talks. Thanks!
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