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 Subject: How was Sparkup May 6?... 09/05/09, 07:50 
Joined: 07/03/09, 18:16
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Please share your feedback about this event.
Looking forward to hearing from as many as possible.

Thanks for coming so numerously (52) and for being so active, both in the presentations and during networking. The stands of our guest groups have been visited by many interested participants. I had a splendid evening. Thx for that!
The presentations can be downloaded via the event's page: http://www.worktrotter.dk/events/past-events/details/14-sparkup05.html

Thanks, Dagmar
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 Subject: Re:How was Sparkup May 6?... 07/05/09, 11:06 
Joined: 22/04/09, 18:52
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This was my first Meetup as well as Sparkup event and I enjoyed it tremendously! I got lots of useful information and met great people. Special thanks to Dagmar and Char for their presentations! Maybe I am a bit thick but could anybody help me to find the link the list "Reduce your living costs"? :? Tusind tak! Heike
 Subject: Re:How was Sparkup May 6?... 07/05/09, 12:23 
Joined: 07/03/09, 18:16
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Thanks, Priskilla. Glad you liked it.
Here is the link to the entry on the Forum, where you can get hold of the document and where you can share your hints and tips ;-).
We'll also make the hints and tips available from the Resource page any day now.

Same applies to the presentations. They will be downloadable from the page of yesterday's event. http://www.worktrotter.dk/events/past-events/details/14-sparkup05.html.

 Subject: Re:How was Sparkup May 6?... 07/05/09, 15:58 
Joined: 07/03/09, 18:06
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Location: Copenhagen
Nice atmosphere, and I thought it was a great venue. It was cosy and convenient for people to get to from the station or biking.

Looking forward to the business expo June meetup, where maybe I can even have a little stand? B-)
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 Subject: Re:How was Sparkup May 6?... 08/05/09, 11:00 
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Hi, thank you for the really nice event! It was really nice to meet all the organizations- very hyggelig and not too formal!:) I am looking forward to reading the book and will give feedback to it!Tusind tak, Sophia
 Subject: Re:How was Sparkup May 6?... 11/05/09, 11:43 
Joined: 07/03/09, 20:55
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My first meetup/sparkup as well. I thought it was very well organized and professionally run. The huge turnout was also very encouraging--it's nice to know that there is a large support group for those of us new to Denmark!

Dagmar, congrats on publishing the German guide. James, the website looks great. Char, nice work collecting those cost-saving tips. Everyone else, keep those "reducing costs" suggestions coming!--I heard a lot of great stuff at the sparkup and it'll make a big difference. Chili Mili's anyone? ;-)
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