Sankt Hans events in Denmark 2011

Midsummer night (Sankt Hans aften) – 23 June is a great celebration in Denmark. If the weather is nice you can experience a real magic evening.

Sankt Hans aften, the evening before the summer solstice, is celebrated everywhere in Denmark. The highlight of the evening is a large bonfire on which a figure, usually a witch, is burnt. Bonfires are built in meadows, parks, or on the beach, with enough space around them. Most people meet early at these places and have picnics. Usually an important person holds a speach and after the fire is lit and the witch burns, the partygoers sing traditional songs and celebrate.

Sankt Hans combines quite a few different traditions. The name itself derives from John the Baptist (Hans), and the witch at the stake refers of course to the witchburnings. The burning sends the “witch“ away to Bloksbjerg, a mountain in the Harz region of Germany. Moreover, herbs are said to have magical powers on this night.

Don't miss this evening. It can be really very nice. See the list below of where you could go to join the crowd.
Share the information widely.The more know about where to go the better.
If you know of other events, please post a comment to this page.

  Sankt Hans event in Copenhagen  

  Sankt Hans event in Roskilde

  Sankt Hans event in Odense

  Sankt Hans event in Århus

  Sankt Hans event in Aalborg

Sankt Hans Eve events in Denmark


#2 aldaro 2012-02-22 20:59
MiraMichelle, what a pathetic comment. The celebrations today don't have anything to do with the olden days. If you feel the event too loaden with bad memories you are welcome to stay at home and brood.
But if you set such standards which day of the year can you enjoy at all. I am sure somewhere at some point in time something terrible has happened on each of them.
#1 MiraMIchelle 2012-02-16 17:11
Hmmm? You make it all sounds so normal. The burning of a witch. Or do you mean a woman who was accused of witch craft in an era that had an extreme intolerance for natural wisdom, empowered persons who were not in alignment with Church teachings and who were independent free spirited individuals. Individuals that had a deeper connection to the land and what it brings forth as medicine and wisdom. Today we call them shamans. What and who does this ceremony actually support? The vikings were not burning witches. And neither were the Druids at the Stone Henge summer solstice ceremonies. Think again perhaps??

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