Danish Christmas lunches

Danish Christmas lunches (julefrokost) are very popular and they span from late November to Christmas.Most companies will arrange one for their employees, associations will have a Christmas lunch for their members and friends will meet in various constellations for yet another Christmas lunch. Danes try to keep regularly in touch with their friends, and the Christmas lunches give a good opportunitiy to do so. If there's no time to meet them for a Christmas lunch, Danes will at least try to meet them for a gløgg (or probably more of them).

Note: Booking a table at a restaurant at this time of the year is almost impossible if you don't do it well in advance.

According to tradition, the lunch will follow a predefined order in which the courses are consumed. There will be lots of food and of course drinks and it is not uncommon to go for a dance after the Christmas lunches. Considering the many Christmas lunches, the average Dane participates in, the late hours and the amount of alcohol that is eradicated at these occasions, the amount of painkiller consumption must be extremely high at this time of the year.

Check out http://byturen.com/ to be prepared on how Christmas lunches run. See what is told about them and if you hold the mouse over the film you will see how they really are. There's always a big gap between myths and reality. After you have seen this film you will feel more compassion for your colleague on the days when they are very sensitive to higher sound volumes and brighter light.

Find out more about the Danish traditions for the Christmas time

Remember to check also the resource section for your life in Denmark to find important information which will help you to settle down faster and make more out of your stay.


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