Danish traditions: April Fool's day - Aprilsnar

On April 1 it is a custom to trick or fool people also in Denmark. Hoaxes and pranks are popular amongst family members, friends and colleagues, but even the media and official institutions happily play along. News stories that have nothing to do with reality are covered on the radio, on television, in newspapers, and on Internet sites. Even authorities like the police can be in on it.
It is great fun to search for the fool's stories that have been distributed that day.

On 1 April 2008, Berlingske Tidende, one of Denmark’s major newspapers, reported that the egg group Danæg was developing two new types of egg particularly rich in vitamin A and vitamin B, respectively. The story said that these eggs came from hens classified as types A or B, with different daily rhythms similar to A or B people.

The media itself is also subject to April Fool Hoaxes. On 1 April 2007, Bornholm police officials sent out a press release saying that four boats had been burned in a fire in Åkirkeby Marina. The Danish news agency and several newspapers ran the story without checking any facts: Åkirkeby is located dead centre on Bornholm with no access to open water whatsoever.

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