Career and work events 2012

Work and career events in Copenhagen

Startup Weekend

March 23-25
Be among entrepreneurial-minded people for a weekend for professional networking, fun and experience.
Several real startups have come already out of the Startup Weekend events.

Denmark's largest IT job-fair

March 28-29
Meet 15 attractive employers for IT professionals and let them get to know you. Job World Expo in Copenhagen. Make sure to take a proper "Danish-style" CV with you. Our hints & tips for finding a job in Denmark can help with that.


IT Match Making at ITU

April 12
Meet more than 20 IT companies attendind the IT Match Making at the IT University Copenhagen. No matter if you looking for full time jobs, internships, student jobs or project partners within IT, this event may be something for you. Make sure to take a proper "Danish-style" CV with you. See the hints & tips for working in Denmark.

Microsoft Open House for students

April 17
Be part of the Microsoft Open House Event and find out what it takes to be part of the team. Internships, student and graduate positions are waiting for you. Participate in serious networking and in a coding challenge. Make sure to take a proper "Danish-style" CV with you. Check out the hints & tips for searching work in Denmark.


Work and career events in Copenhagen   

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work in Denmark.



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