Chapter 8. Work

This is an excerpt from the Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark.
The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

This very important chapter for Worktrotters will help you with aspects about finding work and negotiating an employment contract. It will explain employment conditions and vacation policy, for example, as well as give you the necessary information to help consider certain aspects of applying for and securing employment.
A good website with information about working in Denmark is: (L26) http://www.workindenmark.dk.

Those who don‘t find work should always consider if opening their own business isn‘t an option. Your capabilities shouldn‘t be wasted! You can find information on how this is done in Chapter 8.10.

8.1 Looking for work

An ever-increasing number of companies are looking abroad to find the employees they require. It remains to be seen how the financial crisis, which began in September 2008, will affect the Danish labour market.
The range of professions that employees are being sought for is very broad: researchers and executives, software developers and IT specialists, architects, advisers, doctors and nurses, office staff, tradesmen, catering staff, cleaners and unskilled workers to name but a few.

You can browse various employment-related search engines (in Danish) such as: (L27) http://www.jobnet.dk, (L28) http://www.jobindex.dk, (L29) http://www.jobfinder.dk, (L30) http://www.jobzonen.dk, (L31) http://www.job-guide.dk, (L32) http://www.it-jobbank.dk.

English-speaking jobs can be found at (L33) http://www.jobsincopenhagen.com, (L34) http://www.careerguide2denmark.com, (L35) http://www.workindenmark .dk,
(L568) http://startupdenmark.dk/extras/job-portals.

Contents of Chapter 8. Work
8.1 Looking for work
8.2 Job applications
8.3 Salary
8.4 Salary package
8.5 Miscellaneous
8.6 Recognition of qualifications
8.7 Pension
8.8 Leave
8.8.1 Annual vacation
8.8.2 Sick leave
8.8.3 Leave when children are sick
8.9 Unemployment
8.10 Setting up a business
8.10.1 Common types of businesses
8.10.2 Support

Find more details about all the important aspects around working in Denmark in the full version of the
Worktrotter‘s Guide to Denmark

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Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

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