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Transport in Denmark

  • Get a bike IMMEDIATELY.  In the city, it’s the fastest, cheapest, and most efficient mode of transportation.  You’ll learn the city and get daily exercise. You can take your bike on the metro and train with a special klippekort, which opens up lots of possibilities for interesting excursions. Learn and obey all bicycle laws. ALWAYS lock your bike, preferably to something stationary.  Carry your free city map or the free Cycling Map Copenhagen [www.dcfbutikken.dk], available at public libraries.
  • Inexpensive bikes:  Check out the police auction. Contact Københavns Politi, Slotsherrensvej 113, 2720 Vanløse (Phone: 3874 8822), for details.  Some bike shops sell used bicycles. Check the internet [eg. www.copenhagen.craigslist.org] and Den Blå Avis [www.dba.dk].  Try your luck with bidding online [www.QXL.dk]
  • Use klippekorts, rather than purchasing individual tickets, when riding public transportation. Purchase a variety of zones (2-zone, 3-zones, etc.). Check www.rejseplanner.dk for the exact number of zones for your trip. In some cases, the outbound and return trip fares are different. If you use public transportation on a daily basis, a monthly pass will be more economical.
    : In some areas of Denmark the paper klippekort has been discontinued. The old ones are valid only to October 1. Instead of the klippekort you will now get a rejsekort (travel card).which is an electronical klippekort.
  • Train tickets for stations that are 1-2 stops farer than where you want to get off may be cheaper. This is an oddness that has to do with different companies being responsible for different areas. The company that the farer stops ly in might give better discounts. So, find out which are the stops that ly farer away than yours and try them out when buying a ticket either online or at a ticketmachine.
  • Take the metro or train, rather than a taxi, to and from the airport – it’s cheap, fast, reliable, and operates 24-7.
  • Visitors from home?  Check out the flex-card for unlimited travel for 7 days. Also, free City Bikes [www.bycyklen.dk].
  • Be alert for special train fares.  Examples of special deals in the past:
    o    Sundays in June/July – only clip going outbound, then ride all day on that clipping
    o    The first three Sundays in December are usually free on S-tog
    o    Ask in the DSB office or the Kort og Godt kiosk for the discounted package rate for the Louisiana Museum (round-trip train & museum entrance fee)
    o    In fact, ask often about special rates.  Two people traveling round-trip Copenhagen to Malmö, for example, qualify for a significantly reduced “family” rate from certain stations. You won’t know this unless you ask.
    o    The Danish version at www.dsb.dk has more deals than the English version.
    o    When driving within Denmark, if you pay a bridge toll, you might get a refund if you visit certain museums.  Ask.
  • If traveling longer distances, including outside of Denmark, check out the DSB Orange ticket (great deals, but must book in advance, no changes, no refunds)

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