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Getting cash, making payments, exchanging money

  • Be careful with using a foreign Visa card in Denmark. The fees can be very high. 6-10%.
  • Get cash from the grocery store check-out line, or from your bank’s ATM, rather than from the teller in the bank (there is usually a fee).
  • Ask if your bank gives you foreign money without charging a commission. Many do, but you might need to order it a week ahead, depending on the currency.
  • Use netbanking to make a payment, rather than the postal giro which charges a fee.
  • Save postage by using PBS (Postens Betalings Service) to automatically pay bills through netbank.
  • When traveling abroad, use your Visa Dankort, rather than credit card, to avoid foreign fees.

Find more hints for life in Denmark and learn how to reduce the costs of life in Denmark.

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Benefit of the collective knowledge. You don't need to re-invent the wheel and go through our mistakes as well.

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