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Trade unions in Denmark

Trade unions (in Danish: fagforening) continue to play an important role in Denmark, with about 80 percent of the working population organised in trade unions.

Trade unions and unemployment insurances in Denmark
They have the function of giving advice and support to employees (e.g. with salary negotiations or in case of dismissal). They offer courses and publish a trade union magazine, with interesting articles as well as job adverts, etc. If you have a problem at work, you should enquire whether your union can help you.

Trade unions in Denmark are close to their members and their members‘ needs. Some trade unions might give you advice, even if you are not a member yet, but if you are a prospective member. Asking can’t hurt.

It is important to choose a trade union that fits your profession to get the right kind of support. With roughly 150 unions, this is not an easy choice, especially if you don‘t know Danish and don‘t understand their websites. If you already have an employment contract, you can ask your colleagues which union they belong to.

It‘s also worth mentioning that trade unions have agreements with some insurers, so that their members can obtain favourable insurance terms, for instance with car insurance or household and personal effects insurance. Ask your union about this. 

If you consider joining a trade union you should also find out if an unemployment insurance makes sense for you. Most major trade unions in Denmark have also an unemployment insurance.

For those of you who don't know Danish, here an overview of the trade unions for the most relevant proefssions in Denmark:

Find more details about trade unions in Denmark: http://bit.ly/184aCPk.

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