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Unemployment insurance funds in Denmark

Danish unemployment insurance funds (in Danish: A-kasse) are private non-profit institutions that are supported by the state. In Denmark, employees are not obliged to insure themselves against unemployment, however depending on the type of your visa unemployment insurance it may be recommended. 
If you come from an EU/EFTA country, you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. For people from other countries, unemployment insurances may not be relevant because your work permit may expire when you lose or change your job.

You are free to choose which fund to apply for, but it is best if it fits your profession.  

If members of an unemployment insurance become unemployed, they are paid unemployment benefits based on their income of the last three months, subject to a maximum. 

Trade unions and unemployment insurances in Denmark

Based on their status as private institutions, unemployment insurances have a strong interest in seeing their unemployed members find a new job quickly. Therefore, unemployed members are closely mentored and have to provide evidence of their job applications.

Although jobseekers have the right to look for jobs in their own profession or jobs that match their qualifications, this right lapses quite quickly if they don‘t find suitable work. In the end, they have to accept any job, even one for a lower qualification (regardless of whether that makes any sense or not). 

Members pay a monthly contribution set by the fund which is independent of their salary. 

For those of you who don't know Danish, find a list of the unemployment insurance funds for the most relevant professions in the Danish economy and the most important aspects of their service.

If you consider joining an unemployment insurance fund you should also find out if you should join also a trade union union. Most major trade unions in Denmark have also an unemployment insurance fund.

Learn more about various aspects of work in Denmark.

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