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Public holidays in Denmark in 2012

Here's a short overview of the public holidays in Denmark.

By knowing well in advance when you have free days at work you can plan trips or spare time activities better.
You'll get a lot of free time in May. Good for the work-life balance. Enjoy!

Maundy Thursday (Skærtorsdag)
Good Friday (Langfredag)
Easter Sunday (Påskedag)
Easter Monday (2. Påskedag)

Great Prayer day (Store bededag)
Ascention day (Kr. Himmelfart)
Witsun Sunday (Pinsedag)
Witsun Monday (2. Pinsedag)

Constitution Day (Grundlovsdag)

Christmas Eve (Juleaften)
Christmas Day (1. Juledag)
2nd Christmas (2. Juledag)
New Year's Eve (Nytårsaften)




Import the holiday entries to your calendar

The important days in 2012 are listed in an iCal document. 
When launched you can import the entries to your calendar.

Find out more about Danish traditions.

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