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Volunteers / internships at Worktrotter

We offer volunteer positions to professionals and internships to students in Denmark who need to gain credits for their studies.

Work as volunteer in Denmark

You will paricipate in activities which can make yourself better known in Denmark. Having a brand is important to find a job.

To those participants who do a great job we will write a recommendation on LinkedIn and we can act as reference when they are looking for a job. As it is very important to provide references from Denmark when looking for a job in Denmark this can be of great value. At the end of your participation you will receive a certificate which you can use when you apply for jobs. It is important that people are motivated to do a good job and we are always very happy to support good people to be successful.

Online / offline marketing

We would like to involve motivated people for online marketing activities specifically due to their native language skills and the knowledge of their country. It would be great if they had knowledge in marketing but we can involve anybody who likes to write in their native language or English. You will be guided closely on what to do and how, we will show you how you can improve your work and your work will become more powerful as you go. You will build online marketing skills, online research, and you will learn a lot about Search Engine Optimization – a knowledge which comes in handy in many jobs.


Other voluteering / internship possiblities

students-copenhagen-denmark-roomsApart from the current initiative we are open to professionals from a wide range of studies like marketing, business, entrepreneurship, anthropology, IT, social media, journalism, etc. In general we have internships covering marketing and sales, writing articles, research on specific topics, organizing events, SEO, mobile Websites and programming. Should you have a different focus than this, show us how you could participate in what Worktrotter is doing. We are open to people showing initiative, taking responsibility and who are strong at working independently. Internships can be done remotely as long as you are familiar with Skype.  

Following tasks can be part of the internship:
-    research various aspects of life and work in Denmark, analyse them and write articles which will be published on the Worktrotter Website and in Worktrotter publications.
-    use social media possibilities to spread the information in the community and make it more visible on the Internet
-    IT students will develop different components for our Websites to improve its functionality. The Website is written in Joomla, but we are also interested in applications for facebook, LinkedIn, smatphone apps etc.

The internship will require independent work, independent research, independent thinking, taking initiative and coming up with ideas on topics and solutions. During the internship the students will get good guidance and will work in a team with other people from Worktrotter and from other private, public and NGO organizations to gather information, to develop components and to spread the information about the results of their work in the community.

Skills you will develop during the internship

-    independent work
-    team work
-    working in a globalised world
-    research
-    analysis
-    reasoning
-    writing articles
-    social media
-    programming (IT students)
-    building a professional brand
-    building a professional network
-    handling cultural differences

If you are interested in an internship with us, look thoroughly at the Worktrotter Website and our activities, show us how you can support our Website and our work to become better. In the same way show us what you intend to learn for your studies during the internship.

Send your application to contact (at) worktrotter.dk. Definitely look at the hints and tips for applying for a job in Denmark.

About Worktrotter DK

We are a registered company in Denmark, working in the education and advisory business around cultural differences. Our target groups are expats and foreigners moving to / living in Denmark as well as Danes working in an international environment. Our focus is a network of over 9.000 Danish and international professionals in Denmark, who are coming from all over the world, with a plentitude of educational backgrounds, experiences in a wide range of professions and job roles and with work experiences in a wide variety of industries. 90% of our members have a high education (bachelors and masters).

The aim of Wokrtrotter DK Aps is to

  • help expats and foreigners in the settling and integration process in Denmark, how to overcome the challenges they encounter and how to understand Danes in private and at work better. It is about finding out about the DOs and DON’Ts in the Danish private and workplace culture and how to incorporate them with your own culture.
  • In the same way we are focusing on helping Danes to benefit of the richness in knowledge and experiences in the international community living in Denmark or helping them interact with the different cultures they work with in a globalised world.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Dagmar Fink


#2 Sanela Ceman 2013-02-12 21:14

this is all very helpful being new in Denmark. Can you also recommend how and where can i apply for some volunteer work?


#1 Bryan O Regan 2012-04-13 15:39
This looks good! Thanks

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