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HOW TO and HOW NOT TO - series for Denmark

HOW NOT to apply for work in Denmark

I am regularly getting applications for jobs. In this arrcile you can find the examples from May 2012 on how NOT apply for work in Denmark. No amtter what your qualifications are, you can get disqualified right away without being looked further at.

HOW TO and HOW NOT TO address Danes

When you contact Danes in writing the first impression is given by how you address them. See what is OK in Denmark and what you should better not do. What you mean well can completely backfire.

HINTs and tips for working in Denmark

Find here a collection of hints and tips for working in Denmark. Increase your chances of finding a job. Improve your results at work.

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<p>And much more in my next <a title="DOs and DON'Ts in Denmark and in Danish workplace culture" href="/component/content/article/2/231-dos-and-donts-in-danish-workplace-culture-success-in-denmark.html">book about working in Denmark</a>.</p>
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DOs and DON'Ts in Danish workplace culture. How to be successful in business and at work in Denmark


You can find much more about this topic
in my next book about working in Denmark:


DOs and DON'Ts in
Danish workplace culture

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Denmark seen with international eyes

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