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Worktrotter: expats in Denmark in the media / Udlændinge i Danmark


Read what the media says about Worktrotter. Some articles are a good excercise for your Danish.
See also the list of Dagmar's presentations about living and working in Denmark.

Books about work in Denmark

Berlingske Business suggests "Business-Dances with Danes" 

The Danish newspaper "Berlingske Tidende" lists the book "Business-Dances with Danes" in their Busiiness section among their three book suggestions for leaders. (February 17,2013)

Interview with Ingeniøren (magazine for the trade union for engineers) with Dagmar Fink about the book Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish work culture

Interview with Ingeniøren (the trade union for engineers)

This interview is about how easily Danes can step on the toes of their international colleagues without intending any harm. Dagmar gives three suggestions on how these mishaps can be avoided. More possiblities for misunderstnadings at work between Danes and non-Danes and many hints and tips on how they can be avoided are covered in the book Business-Dances with Danes. (January 22,2013)

Article from DanskErhverv about Dagmar Fink's book Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish work culture

Article in DanskErhverv (the Danish Chamber of Commerce)

Interaction between business partners is a bit like dancing. Stepping on each others toes can have consequences. Shall we dance? The article (in Danish) in the magazine of Dansk Erhverv (the Danish Chamber of Commerce) points to aspects which have been named at the release party of the book Business-Dances with Danes at DanskErhverv and how things can go wrong in business between Danes and non-Danes (in Denmark or abroad) if you are not aware the aspects of the Danish workplace culture. Important for both Danes and non-Danes. (January 16,2013)

Interview with Nordschleswiger with Dagmar Fink about the book Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish work cultureInterview with "Der Nordschleswiger"

Clichés can bring you in trouble, that was the title of the article about the interview (in German) with "Der Nordschleswiger" the newspaper for the German minorty in Denmark. It is very important to know the details about the Danish work culture described in the book Business-Dances with Danes. (December 22,2012)

Misunderstandings when working with Danes

Interview with TV2 Lorry Lounge

How can Danish approaches be misunderstood by people from other culture? This was the topic of this interview (in Danish) on TV2 Lorry Lounge relating to the new book Business-Dances with Danes. Dagmar's interview starts at minute 13. (December 5,2012)

Interview Danish Radio P1 business about danish work culture

Interview with DR P1 business

Listen to Dagmar's interview (in Danish) about her new book Business-Dances with Danes, which decodes he Danish work culture. Dagmar's interview starts at minute 48:20. (November 29, 2012)


Information logoGeneraliseringer har invaderet Danmark
Translation: Generalisations have invaded Denmark, March 30, 2011

Swedish Radio
Swedish RadioDanska företag varnar för negativ attityd till invandrare
Translation: Danish companies warn for a negative attitude towards foreigners, March 25, 2011

Børsen - Ude af trit med virkelighedenUde af trit med virkeligheden
Translation: Out of touch with reality
March 3, 2011

Swedish TV
Main news program, Rapport
January 8, 2011

altDänemark vergrault die Hochqualifizierten
Translation: Denmark is spiriting off the well-educated, December 23, 2010

Fredensborg Amtsavis
alt"Velkommen" til Fort Danmark
Translation: "Welcome" to Fort Denmark
December 11, 2010

altHøjtuddannede udlændinge møder kolde danskere
Translation: Well-educated foreigners meet cold Danes, December 1, 2010

altGlobetrottere føler sig ikke hjemme her
Translation: Globetrotters don't feel at home here, December 1, 2010

altUdlændinge med højt uddannelse føler sig avist
Translation: Well-educated foreigners feel rejected
October 3, 2010

altUvelkommen i Danmark
Translation: Unwelcome to Denmark
October 3, 2010

altVi er hverken hjælpeløse eller passive
Translation: We are neither helpless nor passive
April 15, 2010

PROSA magazine:
alt Man arbejder da ikke efter klokken fem
Translation: One doesn't work after 5 o'clock
Feb 25, 2010

CPH Post:
alt Arrival of the Girlpreneurs
Nov 18, 2009


CPH Post:
alt An introduction to the Worktrotter's Guide
Sept 17, 2009


CPH Post:
altGetting settled in Denmark isn't as hard as you Fink
Sept 17, 2009


alt Smørrebrød vigtigt for integrationen
Traslation: Smørrebrød important for the integration
April 27, 2009

alt En fremmed fugls guide til danskerne som kolleger  
Translation: A foreign chick's guide to Danish colleagues
April 24, 2009

24 timer:
alt Udlændinge skræmt af danske kolleger
Translation: Foreigners intimidated by Daish colleagues
April 24, 2009

CPH Post:
alt Expats find their spark
February 19, 2009

altVi er hverken hjælpeløse eller passive
April 15, 2010


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