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Chapter 20. Cross-border commuters

This is an excerpt from the Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark.
The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

There are plenty of people that work in Denmark but continue to have their primary residence in their home country. They are known as “border hoppers” or “commuters” and come from neighbouring countries (normally Germany, Poland or Sweden) – in other words, from within the EU.

Although this book is aimed mainly at those who both work and live in Denmark, the most important issues for cross-border commuters are described in this chapter.

Who counts as a cross-border commuter?
Cross-border commuters must have a job in Denmark. To be considered a crossborder commuter, you have to travel home every day or every week, and may not stay longer than 183 days a year in Denmark – otherwise you‘re fully liable for Danish tax.

A good point of reference for cross-border commuters wishing to work in Denmark is the website: (L400) http://www.pendlerinfo.org (in Danish and German).

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Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

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