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 Subject: Anarconomy... 07/03/10, 09:31 
Joined: 07/03/09, 18:16
Posts: 81
Great information on Anarconomy. It really makes you think how economy and job will look in the future.
We had 21 attendees (6 Danes + 15 internationals).
Please share your views on this event as reply to this message.

Download the slides of the presentation and more information about anarconomy.
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 Subject: Re:Anarconomy... 23/02/10, 21:12 
Joined: 23/01/10, 10:57
Posts: 2
I agree Dagmar.

It was an informative and relevant topic. The role which this "new" economy plays in our lives already was made quite clear and it was interesting to hear so many perspectives on the topic.

The one thing I took away was the fact that we will all have to adapt the way we look not only at ourselves and our "job" but also the potential for huge societal upheaval! The future will certainly be very interesting.

I'm looking forward to the next meet-up and hope to see some of the people I met today and also some new ones.

Thanks again!

 Subject: Re:Anarconomy... 23/02/10, 22:45 
Joined: 18/03/09, 11:48
Posts: 3
very good brainstorming in a nice and cozy atmosphere.
worktrotter is great in finding nice places and great hosts with interesting ideas to share.
Definitely a bright new way of seeing Copenhagen!
 Subject: Re:Stand out online... 24/02/10, 12:43 
Joined: 26/01/10, 11:23
Posts: 2
Hey people,

Nice to meeting you all and yes again a great event, thanks. Let's see Anarconomy. Yes, things are for free like open source, music mp3, digital books, wiki's, FB etc. but what have they all in common? It is not substantial. I mean you have to update your open source, you can download your music or digital book, but still there are people who want the CD or book,"the real thing" it is like fetishism. People will always fall back on their surroundings. So what is the meaning of all of this? It is creating a need to tease a little and standing out, give something away for free, to harvest in the end. Yes, with the danger that people who are standing out to far are loosing their heads.

The future is already started with the first free content on the Net. It is up to us to use it, and yes even make mistakes, if there is a mistake or problem that you can make. Everything is negotiable after my opinion. But talk with eachother and get connected. (For the people whom i gave my card don't be afraid to get connected on linkedin or facebook.)

I use media platforms to get noticed. To either get a job that suites me or carry on living and thinking or making a new graphic design approach (wich could take all of my live btw but i like it:-). I see myself as an open person, I am critical about what i do, read or hear. I like to explore and like to reach my goals in a playfull, read not every day manner. But if there is a goal i will reach it in the end. Sharing my idea's i will with those wich i think are trustworthy and intresting to work/live with.

Stand out online. Creating a must have.
How can we make your website stand out and get noticed? With billions of blogs and websites vying for eyeballs on the internet. How can you make yours stand out in the crowd? It's no good putting up a portfolio website and hoping that people just find you. You have to market yourself.. This process starts with having a good, easy-to-navigate website and strong content. But it's also about getting out there on the web- interacting chatting, commenting, advertising, Twittering, Flickring and Facebooking...

Content from a magazine called computer arts projects issue 122. Article by Dean Evans.

My website http://www.meeuw.cn

Well see you all next timeo.O
 Subject: Re:Anarconomy... 24/02/10, 13:52 
Joined: 08/03/09, 15:25
Posts: 4
It was a wonderful session, with lots of questions, comments and discussions. Tryíng to identify and summarize the main themes with which we can describe and predict the development of society, science, etc., is pretty challenging stuff!
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