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 Subject: How was Business Corner October... 29/10/09, 21:04 
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13 business-minded people have attended today's Business Corner meeting and have enjoyed the great presentation of Peter Roberts.
Please share your feedback as well as the ideas, link suggestions etc. mentioned in this meeting as a reply to this entry.
 Subject: Business Corner October... 30/10/09, 10:12 
Joined: 26/10/09, 16:11
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Hi all,
It was nice to meet you and Peter, thank you for sharing your story and experiences with us.

Under my additional info:

Alex farcet, Guidance and information for starting up business in Denmark.

Check out www.startvaekst.dk : free guidance and a lot of usefull information.

Regarding SKAT:
There's a brochure in English about starting up):
www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx?oId=1826782&vId=0 (link 'starting your own business')
There is a new version from October 2009, but that is in Danish:www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx?oId=137721 (pdf, bottom of page)

Make an appointment with a SKAT consultant (make sure you have your questions ready!!) or go to a meeting for starting business in Denmark, organized by SKAT (in Danish).
www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx?oID=316665 for a calendar of these meetings.

Check: www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx?oId=1757920&vId=0 for some information about possibilities to get a loan for startup.
(there's also information in English, but there's more if you choose the Danish version)

See you next time!
Cheers, Marieke
 Subject: Re:How was Business Corner October... 31/10/09, 18:48 
Joined: 12/04/24, 13:15
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It was a very informative and inspiring meeting.
Thank you Dagmar and Peter for organizing it and for the all information (also from the other participants).
It was nice to meet all the people. I will definitely come to other events.

 Subject: Re:How was Business Corner October... 13/11/09, 12:06 
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More feedback on the meetup entry for this event:

Stacy T
My first attendance at this meetup. I was very pleased with the meeting. Both a relevent presenter and the ability to ask questions and have shared input from all members of the group. Fabulous.

Christopher Lind Arlaud
I got there late and had to leave early, but I enjoyed the time I was there. I think the concept of Worktrotter is excellent - maybe it could become a Wiki project that people could contribut to. Wiki's are usually just plain facts, but this one could be practical guide "how to ..." do all sorts of things if you are new to a country.
 Subject: Re:How was Business Corner October... 13/11/09, 12:11 
Joined: 07/03/09, 18:16
Posts: 81
Christopher Lind Arlaud has shared some helpful sites:

Here's a couple of sites you can go to get inexpensive logos and graphics:


For free business advice, you can also contact http://www.connectdenmark.com/ which is a government organization that offers a lot of services for budding entrepreneurs.

There's also a group you can connect to via LinkedIn called Enkeltmandsvirksomhed - worth checking out.

If anyone has any other worthwhile links, please share them.

Another link worth checking out is -- http://99designs.com/ - the concept is the same as the other two, but nice to have a choice :-)
Last edited on: 13/11/09, 12:11 by Dagmar.
 Subject: Re:How was Business Corner October... 19/07/11, 19:56 
Joined: 19/07/11, 18:58
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Regarding SKAT. I read the English brochure. The bulk of the information deals with retail sales. How different is the operation of a sole proprietorship consultancy with no "goods" and only service?
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