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Newsletter December 21, 2012.
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2012 - Looking back 
At the end of a project and in this case at the end of this year I always like to do a quick summary of the things which have happened. I feel that this knowledge is very enriching and brings up new ideas for the future.

In 2012 we had 458,594 unique visitors and 1,179,000 pageviews on our Websites, which shows that our pages are well-known and highly appreciated.

Our newsletter have been sent out regulraly and we had a 34% opening rate. This is an amazing rate for newsletters. Work-topics always make for the best opening and click rates and this is what we will again focus on in 2013. Note: We constantly delete those who have not opened the newsletters in the previous 6 months to keep the audience up-to-date. Should it have been the case for you, you can easily sign up again.

Our activities are known world-wide as the geographical numbers for of our visitors and readers show. Below the five countries ranking highest by participation.
Denmark:              Website: 52%    Newsletters: 85%   Worktrotter-books: 51%
United Kingdom: Website: 10%    Newsletters:  17%   Worktrotter-books:  7%
United States:      Website:  12%   Newsletters:    9%   Worktrotter-books:   5%
India:                      Website:   8%    Newsletters:    2%   Worktrotter-books:   1%
Germany:              Website:   4%    Newsletters:    2%   Worktrotter-books: 13%

The book Business-Dances with Danes. Decoding Danish workplace culture finds its way already to the readers world-wide and we had received orders from Denmark, Germany, UK, USA, Sweden, India, Czech Republic, China, Brazil, Australia and Singapore. It makes me so happy to see that those who can benefit of the information in the book are finding out about it. I am deeply convinced that the more know about it the less pitfalls they will experience and the better they can work in a Danish context.
The media shows interest in the new information shared in the book and you can see the links to their articles and programs about it. More to come.

We had 100 participants at the release party for the book Business-Dances with Danes and we had many more who had to cancel and many who were on the waiting lists and couldn't make it in.
I hope to see you all at the events in 2013.

We have received a large number of requests to participate in Worktrotter as volunteers and you will see great activities early in 2013 which have been made possible through the motivation of our volunteers and them taking initiative. If you are interested as well, please let us know. Right now we are especially interested in people who would like to participate in online and offline marketing activitivities. You don't need to have a marketing education, it is important that you like to write and interact with people in your native language, English or Danish.

With this I would like to thank all of you for your participation in our events, for reading our Websites and our books, for sharing your knowledge and your views with us. A special thanks goes to all those who supported us in 2013 to do our work. Without them we could never achieved the things mentioned above. I hope that in 2013 we can do many more great things together. The signs are already promising. And if you have some specific ideas - let us know.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

See you in 2013.

All the best,
Dagmar Fink


Decoding Danish work culture
The details of the Danish work culture is not so well-known and when working with Danes we often do that based on guesses, like that they are similar to Swedes. Or we base our approaches based on the recurring information that Danes are open, direct, easy-going. We are then caught by supriye that they are not always like that and many a time approaches which are based on the before-mentioned expectations fail.
Read about the unwritten rules in Denmark and avoid misunderstandings when working with Danes.

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December 06, 2012
Subject: Misunderstandings when working with Danes

Have a great day,
Dagmar Fink
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