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Chapter 7. Getting started – first steps

This is an excerpt from the Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark.
The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

The following information is a short summary of the first steps to take when moving to Denmark to work. Other reasons for moving such as for family reunification can only be partially considered here because the government takes a lot of precautions to detect marriages of convenience. So, if you want to move out of love for your Danish partner, it is important to consider the necessary immigration requirements and determine whether your relationship to a Dane doesn’t make the bureaucratic hurdles harder – even if you are an EU citizen. In some cases, it can be easier to obtain residency in Denmark as a skilled worker.

This chapter contains important information, links to relevant websites and details about deadlines and necessary paperwork so that the first steps are taken correctly. You can find more specific details in later chapters.
Factors affecting those who work in Denmark but don‘t live here (crossborder commuters) are dealt with separately in Chapter 20.

Those who are reading this guide before moving to Denmark should remember to look up the list of things to take with you from your home country. See website (L549) http://www.worktrotter.dk/component/content/article/22.html

Official regulations or requirements are subject to change from time to time. Updated information will be made available at  as often as possible.

The key points are listed below (Note: Steps 1 and 2 must be taken first and in that order – you can take care of the others afterwards in any order):

1. Residence/work permit
2. CPR number and health insurance
– Tax card
– Bank account

Highly suggested
– NemKonto
– Kindergarten/school
– Language training
– Trade union
– Unemployment insurance (where applicable)
– Exchange of a non-EU driving licence

– NemID

To be clarified
– Importing a car

Contents of Chapter 7. Getting started – first steps in Denmark
7.1 Residence and work permits
7.1.1 Scandinavian countries
7.1.2 EU and EFTA member states
7.1.3 All other countries
7.1.4 Waiting times
7.2 CPR number and health insurance
7.2.1 Waiting times
7.2.2 Change of address within Denmark
7.3 Tax card
7.4 Bank account
7.5 NemKonto
7.6 Kindergartens and schools
7.7 Language training
7.8 Exchanging a driving licence
7.9 Trade unions
7.10 Unemployment insurance
7.11 Digital signature
7.12 Importing a car

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Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

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