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Costs of living in Denmark - survey

We often get the question of what average costs to expect for life in Denmark.

In order to find this out we are making a collection of data from community to get this view: The results will show what expenses weigh highest, what the average costs for them are and will show differences by region.

Costs of life in Denmark

Participate in our survey and share your monthly costs of living in Denmark and find out where you are with your costs compared to others in the community.

Over 135 others have participated already.
The results will be published in October on the Worktrotter Website.

Don't forget to take a look also at the hints and tips on how to reduce your costs of living in Denmark.


#19 Arv 2013-08-01 12:57
apartment: 6500kr (2 room, 65 m2)
food: 2000kr
electricity/gas: 500kr
transpo: 0 (go by bicycle, office is only 3km)
phone: 0 (provided by the company)
weekend night out: 1000kr
others: 1000 kr
total: 11300 kr

salary: 28000 kr
net: 16700kr
#18 Shark 2013-07-29 20:07
Hi, thank you all for the info.

Could any one tell me the average size and price of a flat in the area of Indre By downtown?

I am single, no kids. would like to live close to work, the savings on transport should help some with the rent. i do not need a palace, just a livable space. Any help will be appreciated.
#17 Ares 2013-07-06 11:24
Hey i'm going Erasmus to Denmark. the University made me an accommodation offer for 3.600dkk/month food included.
I think is quite expensive i found with 2.000dkk without food.
What you think is batter to accept?
#16 Agnes B 2013-05-13 16:00
My boyfriend and I live in Hellerup, Copenhagen:
Rent 16000 kron for 90 meters apartment in Hellerup.
food 6000 to 8000 kron per months
transport by bus 2000 kroner only inside copenhagen different zones
electricity 2500 kr.
internet and tv are included in rent
#15 Karan 2013-02-08 17:22
I am having a project oppurtunity in Coppanhagen Business School, they are providing me accomodation + groceries and a kitchen. Also providing me a pass for local transport.So I wanted to know how much i have to spent for living me Copanhagen like drinking beer once a week or two..How much I shld have, to easily do sight seeing with in my pocket ???

#14 JD_Jax 2012-02-28 01:49
I am a phD student at Aarhus University. I personally hate where I live because the damn place is so small and my annoying smoking neighbors. So I work a lot more now than I mentioned before about 55 hours now, also working Saturday and Sunday. Working my butt off so that I can get my phD and go home, I am getting really tired of these smoking Danes all around me. I will miss all my non-smoking Dane friends but they understand this whole smoking in apartment thing bothers me.

As for my budget it has increased a bit because I need to get travel and liability insurance which costs an extra 450 kr per month. I also got a cellphone with a data plan which costs about 65 kr per month. I keep all my food down because I bring my lunch to work and I make a lot of things from scratch, ie I make my own pizza dough etc. I do drink a lot of milk though, about 1/2 a litter per day. And some of my food from dialife because I can not find it any other place. I also very RARELY have red meat, I first time I say the price for a steak I almost passed out. Some chicken but mostly veggies, pasta and my homemade soups.

I have to have a very controlled budget, I fly home to the states about every three to four months and I also have student loans to pay off back in the US. So that extra 8,000 kr per month does get eventually spent. The main thing about a controlled budget like this is keeping to it. I plan for things and make sure I have money available just in case of surprises. Right now I am saving money for a two week trip in Italy.

Oh by the way my internet and land line provider is Telia.

Any more questions just ask.
#13 syed amer 2012-01-10 21:48
i got a work permit and my salary is 1500usd per month in denmark aarhus
can you pleas tell me is it enough to leave in aarhu with my wife and two kids
#12 Rizwan 2012-01-06 08:13

Hi all and i am from India AND I am heading to Arhus city.
My expected salary is 3500DKK. I am coming to work in a company. And i am recruited by Greenmark Employment Service.
Is it real? How can i live there? I have told u about my salary. By the way i am being provided with a room and food accommodation also by the company. Please reply
#11 Martina212 2011-10-06 10:15
Rent 4.850 for 38 sq meters in Roskilde
Hot water 0
Electricity 120
Public transport 1180
Internet+Television Free 299
Food 1200
#10 Andy 2011-10-06 08:45
1. Rent = 11500 DKK in frederiksberg for family of 2 adults and 2 kids. (including heating).
2. Kindergarten around 3000.
3. SFO - around 800.
4. electricity - 1600 (3 months)
6. Bus pass 330/- (zone 1 and 2).
7. Telephone appx - 200.
8. Internet - paid by company so.. tax to be paid - 250.
9. Union and unemployment - 800
10. Gym - 200
11. Groceries and food - appx 5000.

What is left - is usually peanuts.. but peanuts are also expensive in Denmark.. so nothing is left.
#9 Edward 2011-10-03 19:00
Rent 9.000 for 58 sq meters in Frederiksberg
Hot water 600
Electricity 570
Metro 600
Internet Free (company pays 250)
TV None Yet...looking to get Boxer.dk
Groceries 1,200
Dining Out 1,200
#8 Steph 2011-09-30 09:57
Rent: 8000 DKK
Internet, electricity, tv, heat and water: 500 DKK
Bus: 340 DKK
Food (home and out): 4000 DKK
Spending money: 2000 DKK
#7 simona 2011-09-28 20:48
Very hard to rent on Danish sides if you do not speack Danish or have a friend. The relocation company does not offer help with those sites either. I was told that the rule is more like 100kr/m2 give or take, and location is important.
Lyngby and Hellerup, very expensive. We end up in Lyngby, close to station, mall, very nice area and very expensive:
10.100 - rent 96m2, cold water in price
800 - heat and warm water (about)
500 - electricity (about)
3500 - food if you follow the sales, prices, enough fruits and vegetables maybe not to much meat, one of us had the lunch paid at work, another 500.
380 - internet (deal from work)
525 - transportation (diff. prices with the number of zones you travel)
#6 Johan 2011-08-18 14:34
Rent: 7800kr (including heating and water,3 room appartment 87 sq.meters)
Internet phone: 1000kr
Food etc.: 3500kr
Bus/Train: 1000kr
Insurance: 1000kr
Electricity: 500kr

We are 2 adults and one child (3 years old)
#5 Sunshine 2011-08-05 11:18
Amazing JD Jax. How can you keep you budget that way ? Which phone and internet providers do you have ??? and what about the food ? I am living alone and i use more than the double of what you are spending on food or actually even more. Would be nice to hear more about your budget :)
#4 peter 2011-07-22 13:32
1000 dk for food ? You must be a girl
#3 mexicanstandoff 2011-07-20 20:01

What do you work?

Thanks 4 Ur answer

#2 sialkotwala 2011-07-18 21:20
Salry is in KR or Euros
#1 JD_Jax 2011-06-29 06:55
I live in a small 420 square foot (39 sqaure meter) flat, no car, and have a simple life where I work about 45 hours a week and then go out sometimes on Friday or Saturday. My monthly expenses are about 7,000 kr per month.

Salaray kr 15,457.00

kr 3,501.00 Rent
kr 208.00 internet/phone
kr 1,000.00 food
kr 340.00 bus
kr 700.00 Electricity/DR (Put into savings)
kr 1,000.00 spending money

kr 6,749.00 Total expenses

kr 8,708.00 Left over

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