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Chapter 10. Money matters

This is an excerpt from the Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark.
The Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

When you move to a new country, sorting out money matters is another area that can cause confusion and considerable cost because a lot of things will be done differently from the way you are used to. This chapter deals with subjects like
choosing a bank, opening a bank account and making payments in Denmark. You will find tips to help you make the correct decisions right from the start and, as a result, make your life easier.

10.1 Bank account

If you don’t have an account with a Danish bank, things can get complicated. It means that cashless payment aren’t always an option, so you will need more cash on hand – cash you will have to obtain using a foreign credit card and then pay a fee for the privilege. If you use a foreign credit card to pay in a restaurant, you can generally expect to pay a hefty fee for that too. If you work in Denmark, you absolutely have to have a Danish bank account because Danish employers will not transfer your salary to another country.

But how do you work out which bank to choose? Read the following before you
make your choice.

Account without a CPR number?
Generally speaking, you need a CPR number (CPR-nummer), the Danish personal identification number, to open a bank account in Denmark. However, new arrivals sometimes have to wait quite a while before they can get the CPR number – two months or more – and that delay can make opening a bank account difficult. However, some expats have been successful in opening an account without a CPR number some banks.

Contents of the Chapter 10. Money matters
10.2 Dankort
10.3 Obtaining cash
10.4 Transferring money
   Transferring money abroad
   Paying bills
   Automatic bill payment
   Foreign credit cards
   Foreign currency

Find more details and all you need to know about the Danish banking and payment system in the full version of the
Worktrotter‘s Guide to Denmark.

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Worktrotter's Guide to Denmark

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