Wish lists

In Denmark it is perfectly normal to ask for a wish list or to send one around - also on Christmas. Don't hesitate to ask a Dane for their wishlist, they will have one well-prepared for such occasions. And if you don't have one yet, start making one yourself. Considering that integration is such an important topic in Denmark, why not start with this part of Danish life?

Wish lists are super cool! You get an idea of the person’s wishes and the chances are rather high to please them. In the worst case the wish lists will serve as inspiration.
Note: Check also the section about the Gift exchange practice in Denmark. It is good to know about them beforehand, such that you know what to ask for when you by the presents.

Find out more about the Danish traditions for Christmas and for any other occasion.

Remember to check also the resource section for your life in Denmark to find important information which will help you to settle down faster and make more out of your stay.

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